Funding and Grant Assistance in the Education Vertical

Finding money for technology and solutions can be a bit of a head-scratcher. How can you help financially support a proposal? Do you have money in the budget? No? Ok, then grants? What grants are available? None?

In funding the various SchoolSAFE implementations throughout the country, we’ve had to be rather resourceful. SchoolSAFE enhances community partnerships by providing an interoperability solution for schools, the district, and public safety. One district was able to raise money for SchoolSAFE with fundraisers. Another followed a cost share model, asking each participating entity to fund a small piece of the total proposal instead of relying on one entity to pay for the entire project.

Another customer found funds through the E-911 Authority Board, as SchoolSAFE is a tool for dispatchers and communications centers.

But when those options don’t work, how else can you find money? We recently learned that Praetorian Digital has an Education Grant Help division, a new group focused solely on finding and assisting customers with the grant process. Not only do they actively seek out available grants through various platforms (government grants, corporate grants, private entity grants, for example), they will review grants in the writing process and provide invaluable input.
The success rate is impressive, too. Currently, 18% of applications are successful. With the Education Grant Help’s assistance, that number jumps to 40%. Their knowledgeable writers also apply for multiple grants for a project, improving the odds of receiving funding.
We are extremely excited about working with this group. With their expertise and guidance, we will be able to help our customers find the monies needed to improve their radio communications between schools and first responders. -SSC

For more information, check out their website:

You can also contact us for more information.